Tips For Politely Leaving A Memorial Service When You’re In A Rush

20 October 2016
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Going to a funeral at a funeral home is sometimes a sad business, but it can be a very meaningful experience as you pay your last respects to a lost loved one. Unfortunately, sometimes time is not always on your side when you need to attend a memorial service, and you may be on a time crunch. If you need to leave a memorial service in a rush as soon as it's over, don't worry. Read More 

Think Outside The Box When Selecting An Outfit For Your Late Family Member

18 October 2016
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When a beloved family member passes away, one of your tasks will be to select an outfit to have the funeral home staff dress the person in for the visitation and funeral. While many people automatically select formal attire, there's no harm in thinking a little outside the box, either. This is especially ideal if the person who has passed away wasn't one who loved getting dressed up. Thinking about who the person truly was, as well as his or her passions in life, can help you select the right outfit for the person to wear in the casket. Read More 

Special Ideas To Use At A Family Member’s Funeral

11 October 2016
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When a close family member doesn't preplan his or her funeral arrangements, you'll often be left with the job of making the event as special as possible for those in attendance. Even though you're in mourning, you can seek the help of an experienced funeral director who can discuss some of your ideas with you and help put them into place. A thoughtful eulogy and a comprehensive picture display are ideal ways to remember your late loved one. Read More 

How to Handle a Cremation Service When You’re Angry at the Deceased

7 October 2016
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After a loved one dies, there is a lot of pressure in American society to sort of view the deceased as a saint. There is even a longstanding platitude about never speaking ill of the dead. However, anger is a part of the way most people experience grief, and sometimes that anger is directed at the person who died. It may be simply an irrational anger at them for dying and, therefore, leaving you behind, or it may be because of wrongs they did while they were alive. Read More 

Four Crucial Ways In Which Cremation Differs From In-Ground Burial

6 October 2016
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Although cremation has been around for a while, its recent swoop up to popularity has caught some people by surprise. It's not as well understood as in-ground burial yet, but if you're going to make an intelligent decision about which funeral arrangement you want to use when you plan your own funeral, you'll need to educate yourself not only on the basics of cremation but also on the characteristics that set it apart from more traditional funerals. Read More