Special Ideas To Use At A Family Member's Funeral

11 October 2016
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When a close family member doesn't preplan his or her funeral arrangements, you'll often be left with the job of making the event as special as possible for those in attendance. Even though you're in mourning, you can seek the help of an experienced funeral director who can discuss some of your ideas with you and help put them into place. A thoughtful eulogy and a comprehensive picture display are ideal ways to remember your late loved one. Here are some other special ideas to put into place at the funeral.

Signing The Casket Or Urn

If you're burying a casket or an urn, having those who visit the funeral home for the visitation and service sign either object can be a special touch. You'll need to ensure that the material used to make either the casket or urn is light in color, and then you can provide a series of permanent markers that people can use to sign their names and offer their final wishes. Or, if you wish to use a dark-colored casket or urn, simply get permanent markers in a complementary color, such as silver or gold. The signing should take place at the funeral home so that it doesn't disrupt the burial process.

Memory Cards

A funeral is an opportunity to hear poignant stories about your deceased loved one from those who visit the funeral home, but it's often easy to forget some of these conversations in the midst of all the emotion. If you really want to enjoy these stories when things are a little calmer, provide some memory cards and writing utensils. Visit a stationery store and have some classy blank cards printed — perhaps with a gold trim. You can then invite people to share their memories through the written word, and then place their memory card in a designated box. After the event, you and your family members can peruse the cards and enjoy the messages.

Hand Out Gifts

Gifts for your guests are common at weddings, but providing them at a funeral can also be a special touch. Think of items that your deceased loved one would want to share with people visiting the funeral home. The gifts don't have to be fancy — for example, a selection of recipes from someone renowned for her baking is a gift that everyone will appreciate. You can then request that the funeral home staff sets up a table near the entrance, on which the gifts can be displayed for people to take on the way out.