4 Reasons Why Every Community Should Have a Cemetery

17 June 2022
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To most people, a cemetery is a gloomy place in the corner of the town where they dread driving or walking past. This couldn't be further from the truth, and it's quite unfortunate that the amenity's importance becomes apparent when you need to bury a loved one. That said, cemeteries bring communities together and give insights into the local community's history. Here are four reasons why every community should have one. Read More 

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Cremation In Certified Crematories

25 March 2022
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Death hurts relatives and friends. Despite the grief, you will want to select the best disposal method for the remains. Many people consider ordinary burials in cemeteries and at home as the best way to dispose of the body of their loved ones. However, cremation in certified crematories is an alternative worth trying. This incineration accelerated body decomposition results in bone chips. The chips are refined and given back to the family. Read More 

Choosing A Cemetery Monument To Stand The Test Of Time

11 January 2022
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A person's grave is intended to be their final resting place. And of course, it will be. But not all parts of a grave are quite so final. Although most cemetery monuments are designed with longevity in mind, these headstones will require periodic cleaning and maintenance. It's many years down the road, but a headstone will eventually need to be replaced. Some families may prefer a monument designed to stand the test of time, with minimal upkeep. Read More 

Tips For Politely Leaving A Memorial Service When You’re In A Rush

20 October 2016
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Going to a funeral at a funeral home is sometimes a sad business, but it can be a very meaningful experience as you pay your last respects to a lost loved one. Unfortunately, sometimes time is not always on your side when you need to attend a memorial service, and you may be on a time crunch. If you need to leave a memorial service in a rush as soon as it's over, don't worry. Read More 

Think Outside The Box When Selecting An Outfit For Your Late Family Member

18 October 2016
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When a beloved family member passes away, one of your tasks will be to select an outfit to have the funeral home staff dress the person in for the visitation and funeral. While many people automatically select formal attire, there's no harm in thinking a little outside the box, either. This is especially ideal if the person who has passed away wasn't one who loved getting dressed up. Thinking about who the person truly was, as well as his or her passions in life, can help you select the right outfit for the person to wear in the casket. Read More