5 Reasons A Private Funeral Might Be Right For You

3 April 2023
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Should you hold a private funeral for your loved one or, if pre-planning, for yourself? The answer may be yes, and there are good reasons to do so. What benefits does a private funeral have over a public one? Here are a few of the most compelling reasons some choose not to share their funeral with the world. 

1. It's Less Expensive. For some families, the cost is not an issue when it comes to funeral planning. But many do need to stay on a budget. This is a practical necessity, but it can be awkward when mourning. Paring down the funeral to a small guest list and fewer additional features saves a lot of money for the estate or surviving family. 

2. It Saves Embarrassment. Some deaths involve circumstances in which the family would like to keep things to themselves. Perhaps there is no body or it was disfigured prior to death. Maybe the cause of death is something that the family doesn't want to share. Or maybe their loved one wants a funeral element that the family would rather keep amongst themselves. There's nothing wrong with needing extra privacy and a closed funeral. 

3. It Facilitates Grieving. Not everyone wants to — or can — mourn properly in front of everyone they or their family knows. Grieving is a personal process, and it has no set ingredients. If you, your children, surviving spouses, or devastated parents would feel more comfortable saying goodbye in private, give them that space. 

4. It Respects Beliefs. What religious beliefs and traditions do you or your late loved one hold? Some religious services are private and not open to nonmembers. Rather than making things awkward with other mourners or having to do multiple services, a closed funeral allows you to respect these boundaries. 

5. It Curates the Guest List. Would you rather some members of your extended family not be at the funeral? Do you want to avoid arguments among feuding cousins, ex-spouses, or even a secret lover of the departed? The most natural and non-combative way to limit your guest list is to make the funeral private. By inviting only the closest relatives or friends, you prevent awkwardness and drama when you need it least. 

Where to Start

Could a private funeral be right for you? Find out by meeting with an experienced local funeral home in your area. They will work with you to find the right size and type of service for your personal circumstances. 

For more information, contact a funeral home near you.