Choosing A Cemetery Monument To Stand The Test Of Time

11 January 2022
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A person's grave is intended to be their final resting place. And of course, it will be. But not all parts of a grave are quite so final. Although most cemetery monuments are designed with longevity in mind, these headstones will require periodic cleaning and maintenance. It's many years down the road, but a headstone will eventually need to be replaced. Some families may prefer a monument designed to stand the test of time, with minimal upkeep. 

Different Degrees of Durability

The majority of cemetery monuments are made of stone, but different types of stone have different degrees of durability, whether this is their total longevity, or the length of time it takes before weather conditions permanently alter the appearance of the stone. There are two primary headstone materials that will stay intact for decades, looking much the same as they did when they were first installed.

An Excellent Choice

Quartzite isn't the most common stone used to make headstones, but it's an excellent choice. A word of warning though—it's not the most cost-effective option. The higher price reflects the quality of the material and the construction of the monument. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock, formed when sandstone is exposed to heat and pressure over the course of many years. Why does it make such a good material for headstones?

The Qualities of Quartzite

The stone is extremely dense, with minimal porosity. This means that there is virtually no space for moisture to enter the stone, so weathering is practically non-existent. The density of the stone is also what gives quartzite its strength and durability. It may occasionally benefit from having its surface polished, but upkeep is otherwise minimal. 

Stainless Steel

Quartzite isn't your only option for a headstone that will stand the test of time. Stainless steel offers comparable benefits. It won't oxidize (rust) when exposed to the elements, and is readily available. You may be able to find a headstone manufacturer who can provide a monument made entirely of stainless steel, but if this is beyond your budget, you can compromise.

An Alternative

You could opt for a stainless steel memorial plaque to be attached to a stone monument. The plate records your loved one's details (and can even include a photograph). Although the underlying stone may eventually lose its form, the steel plaque will remain relatively untarnished, allowing it to be transferred to another headstone when the time eventually comes.

There are multiple choices when it comes to the best material for a loved one's cemetery monument. But when it comes to longevity with minimal maintenance, some choices are better than others.