Thanksgiving Memorials: Ways To Honor Your Loved One On The Holiday

4 October 2016
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After a loved one has passed away, one of the hardest times can be the holiday season. This includes the celebration of Thanksgiving where your family will typically gather together. As multiple family members plan to come together, you can find a variety of ways to celebrate loved ones by using a variety of cremation services. These services offer a number of keepsakes and products that can truly make a Thanksgiving celebration special for you and your family. Read through a variety of ideas to help you choose one that fits your family and helps celebrate the life of your loved one.

Photo Urns

Feel the presence of your loved one and help share memories by ordering a photo urn from cremation services. These urns can hold the cremated remains of your loved one and have built-in frames on the outside that makes it easy to display photos. When placed on display, the urn can make a nice memorial for your loved one. Some urns can also be purchased with multiple photos spots. As the family gathers together, multiple members can bring different photos of the loved one. Everyone can look through the photos and select the best ones to display on the urn. It's a great way to celebrate their life and open up about various stories or memories that you may have had.

Ceramic Urns

If you're looking for a display piece that can actually be featured at the Thanksgiving table, then consider ordering a ceramic urn. These elegant urns come in a number of different styles and designs and are a great way to permanently honor your loved one. Once you receive the urn, you can use it as a centerpiece during Thanksgiving or even place it in the chair or spot that the person always sat at during the holiday.

Cremation Key Chains

If you're looking to give something special to family members and guests on Thanksgiving, then you can consider ordering large batches of cremation key chains. The cremated remains of your loved ones will be spread out among the key chains so that everyone in the family can share in the memorial. There are dozens of different key chain urn designs that you can choose from. For example, a sports key chain features various sports symbols. There are also dozens of animal key chains with shapes and designs based off various creatures. You can select a single design or choose a number of different designs to give to various family members. The design can easily honor and showcase interests that your loved one had.

Contact a cremation services company or funeral home to find out more information on the various products and how to order them in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.