Modern Ideas For Handling The Cremated Remains Of Your Loved One

29 September 2016
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Many people prefer to be cremated for a plethora of religious and personal reasons. It's on the rise with more people being cremated than ever before. That inevitably results in a growing demand for cremation services, and there are also more options than ever for what you can do with the cremated remains of your loved one. Below are some modern and rather unusual ideas for handling those remains.

Get a Tattoo

Memorial tattoos can honor the memory of the deceased in a customized, extremely special way. Now you can take a memorial tattoo to a whole other level by having ink made from the cremains of a loved one and then using the ink for a memorial tattoo. In such a situation, the amount of actual cremated remains that are used are very small, and it is sterilized along with the rest of the ink that's used for the tattoo. It will certainly be a part of your life forever when you choose to have the remains tattooed onto your body.

Grow a Tree

Now a nature-adoring loved one can become a part of a beautiful spot they enjoyed. Their cremains can become part of a tree with a biodegradable urn that contains a tree seed. The ashes provide the nutrients that the seed needs, and it can then grow and thrive.

Enjoy an Original Painting

You can have the cremated remains of your loved one on permanent display in your home. So how is this done? You can have the remains mixed directly in with paints that an artist uses to create the painting. If you know of an artist that your loved one especially appreciated, commissioning the painting from them can have even more meaning. Otherwise, you may choose to have a painting made of a place or certain thing that the deceased adored. Let your imagination run wild. Just make sure you enjoy the subject of the painting, too, since it will be something that you will want to keep and treasure forever.

Finally, keep in mind that how you ultimately decide to handle a loved one's cremains should be based on both any wishes they expressed and how you most want to remember them. Whether it's in a tattoo that's permanently a part of your own body or released back into the environment, you can honor your loved one by remembering the good times and the way they lived their life.