How To Create A Scrapbook For A Cremation Service

16 September 2016
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When a loved one passes away, it's only natural for people to strive to keep the deceased person's memory alive in any way possible. A cremation service can be both a way to say good-bye to someone and also ensure that the memories of the loved one remain vivid in the minds of those who attend the ceremony. One addition to a service that is sure to get a lot of attention and provide an immense amount of comfort is a scrapbook on display that celebrates the way the deceased person lived their life. Here are the best ways to create a scrapbook that is sure to help the person's friends and family members at this difficult time.

Tell the Person's Life Story in a Visual Way

Use the scrapbook as a tool to tell an abbreviated, visual story of the person's life. Start the scrapbook with baby photos and continue to show the changes throughout their entire life in pictures. Since most people at the cremation service will only be able to look through the scrapbook rather briefly, don't include long blocks of text. Keep the focus on large photographs that show the deceased person in a positive light.

Showcase Photos with Family and Friends

Gather many photos of the deceased person with loved ones. Part of a memorial service's purpose is to provide solace to those left behind, and seeing pictures of themselves with their loved one in happier times can be very comforting. The fact that they are on display for other mourners to see can be helpful, too. It's an affirmation of the affection between the deceased and those who are grieving the person's loss.

Decorate to Accentuate the Person's Hobbies

You may also choose to make the scrapbook more aesthetically pleasing by decorating it with memorabilia that expresses the person's hobbies. For example, if the loved one who has passed away loved watching baseball, you may choose to include clippings of baseball moments that meant a lot to the person. Alternately, celebrate a hobby such as guitar-playing by including guitar stickers and images of the guitar players that were most loved by the deceased.

Finally, keep in mind that there are many ways that you can get creative with a memorial scrapbook. When you are getting the scrapbook together for a cremation service, always keep the needs and emotions of the immediately family in mind. It should be a book that all the mourners can enjoy.