Three Tips For Making Funeral Arrangements After Finding Out You Have Cancer

13 September 2016
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Finding out that you are sick with cancer can be devastating. You need to fight to beat the cancer as much as you can, but you also need to face the reality that it may win in the end. Take the time to make all of your funeral arrangements so that you do not leave the burden for your loved ones to carry. The guide below helps you learn what things to consider to ensure that all of your funeral planning is done in advance so that you can turn all of your focus to fighting the cancer.

Consider If You Want to be Buried or Cremated

You first need to decide if you want to be buried or cremated. There are many people who are now choosing to be cremated because it is a far less expensive option than a burial. You need to be sure to talk to your family about your decision so that they can have peace about it before the day comes. Some people have a hard time accepting cremation, but explaining your reasoning in advance will help to bring some peace and closure to your decision.

Consider If You Want to Have a Wake

Next, you need to choose if you want everyone to be able to come to a wake at the funeral home to say their final goodbyes to you. Even if you plan to be cremated, you can still have a wake. Funeral homes have rental coffins available for those that are being cremated to use during their wake. Your loved ones will be able to see you before you are cremated to say goodbye to you one last time.

Consider Where You Want to Be Laid to Rest

Finally, you need to consider where you want to be laid to rest. If you plan to be buried, it is best to find and purchase your burial plot right away. If you plan to be cremated, decide if you want your ashes to be spread somewhere specific or if you would rather your ashes be put into an urn or jewelry for your family to keep forever.

After all of the arrangements are made, you will be able to have peace of mind about it. Your family will not have to worry about what to do if you pass and will simply be able to celebrate the life that you had rather than focus on every tiny detail of your funeral.