3 Ways To Personalize The Funeral Of A Person Whose Body Has Been Destroyed By The Cause Of Death

12 September 2016
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Although death is an inevitable occurrence for everyone, it can be particularly difficult when a loved one passes in a manner that results in the destruction of his or body. Severe car accidents, house fires and other accidental causes of death may leave physical remains in a state that prohibits them from being displayed in an open casket. As a result, family members and friends may feel robbed of a final viewing of their loved one's remains. Nevertheless, there are ways to make the funeral service personable and comforting. Here are a few of them:

Large Photos of the Deceased Interacting with Family and Friends

If the remains of a loved one are cremated or presented in a closed casket due to damage sustained to the body, consider displaying large photos of the family member at the funeral service. Sometimes, photos displayed during a funeral service look posed and artificial. These types of pictures rarely truly represent the life of the person. Instead of professional posed pictures, you can personalize the funeral by displaying enlargements of images that show the deceased interacting with friends and families.

Smiling photos of the deceased at family gatherings and other social events can help those present at the funeral to remember their loved one as he or she was in life. Instead of only the negative emotions associated with regret and loss, those who knew the deceased can reminisce about the good times they experienced with their loved one.

Video Recording of the Deceased

Sometimes, families present pictures of their deceased loved one as a slide show during a funeral. However, if the family of the deceased has one or more video recordings available, they can actually show the deceased moving and interacting as he or she did prior to passing away. This can immediately invoke wonderful memories, but be sure to only show short clips during the service. Lengthy video recordings can dominate the service and may cause a negative emotional response. 

The Decease's Favorite Things

If the deceased loved certain things in particular, you can display representatives of some of these during the service. For instance, if the loved one who has passed away adored Persian cats, placing a few stuffed animals that look like the felines around the casket can make the funeral more individualized.

To learn more ways to personalize the memorial service of a person whose body has been destroyed by the cause of death, schedule a consultation with Shepherd Funeral Home or a similar location.