Personalizing A Funeral Through Themed Caskets

2 September 2016
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Your loved one's funeral gives you the chance to honor the way he or she lived life, and there are many ways you can customize the funeral experience to reflect the person's unique characteristics. Here are just a few ideas for choosing a casket that's a little out of the ordinary to bring a more personalized feel to the services.

Sports Themes

If your loved one was a dedicated fan of a sports team, you can purchase a casket featuring the team's logo. These can range from classic wooden caskets with a simple logo on the side to caskets designed to look like the team's stadium. You can also customize this option with a pennant or flag for the team instead of a floral spray. Another option is to work with your florist to create a floral spray designed to look like a basketball, baseball, football or soccer ball to continue the theme. Ask the guests to arrive wearing the team's hat for a way to honor your loved one.

Music-Themed Caskets

Whether your loved one was a musician or a fan of a particular band, you can find a casket to pay tribute to his or her love of music. Wood caskets finished in black can be customized with musical notes or piano keys, or they can be customized with the name and logo of a favorite band. Some bands even have their own lines of merchandise, which include caskets. Funeral flowers for this type of casket might include arrangements designed to look like a guitar or musical notes.

Landscape Artwork Caskets

For someone who loved the outdoors, a casket painted with landscape views might be the perfect option. These caskets can feature beautiful sunset imagery, paintings of wildlife or even the skyline of a favorite city or town. Work with your funeral director to find vendors that sell these caskets or to find artists who can customize your loved one's casket with a particular design. For a nature scene, choose wildflowers or even funeral sprays featuring leaves and greenery for a unique look.

Your funeral director can help you find these unique caskets, so be sure to discuss your loved one's wishes and personal interests to find a way to make the funeral service as personal and memorable as possible. Your funeral director can also help you to come up with floral arrangement ideas and other ways to create a themed service that pays tribute to the way your loved one lived. For additional information and advice, contact a funeral home, such as DiPonzio Funeral Home Inc.