Two Distinctively Different And Easy Funeral Wreaths That You Can Make Yourself

1 September 2016
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If you want to remember someone that has passed in a special way, consider making them a distinctive funeral wreath for the service or memorial. These can be an inexpensive projects that is easy to do yourself, though you will need to visit a florist to obtain fresh flowers for your creation.

Two simple DIY funeral wreaths to honor your loved one include:

A modern leaf-inspired wreath. This is a contemporary and chic wreath that commemorates both men and women, and that requires very few fresh flowers to complete. The foundation of this project is an oasis wreath ring which is basically floral foam, and that you can find in most crafting or florist supply shops online. Use a simple easel, available at most funeral homes or churches, to display your wreath during the ceremony or afterward, at the gravesite.

To make your own modern leaf-inspired wreath:

  • First, cover your foam ring with leaves. If using fresh or silk leaves, snip off the stem and use pins to adhere to the foam; if using dried leaves, use a hot-glue gun to secure and cover your ring.
  • Choose the top and bottom of your wreath, and pick the spot where you want to add a fresh spray of flowers, foliage, and fresh herbs.
  • Add some greens to the spot by piercing the foam with the stem of the flower or foliage gently.
  • Next, add a few flowers by trimming the stems and piercing the foam ring with these also.
  • Accent and cover up any empty spaces in your spray with a decorative bow attached to a floral pic, which you can find at any crafting supply store.

A lush floral funeral wreath. Buy a form made from oasis floral foam at a crafting or florist supply store; these come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from simple wreath rings to the shape of tools, letters, and objects that may best sum-up the personality of the deceased. The larger the form, the more fresh flowers you will need so choose your supplies wisely.

Use the following directions to make your own distinctive and lush funeral wreath:

  • Choose firm-stemmed flowers, like carnations, roses, and daisies for your wreath. Buy enough that you will be able to amply cover the entire foam form that you have selected.
  • Trim the flowers about two-inches below their heads to allow for enough stem to secure the flower. The head of the flower should rest on the surface of the foam.
  • Working from the center of the front outward, gently and carefully pierce the foam with each stem. Place the flowers close enough together so that they begin to cover the foam.
  • Work until the foam is covered and accent with a bow that has been wired to a floral pic.

Curb costs by making your own funeral wreath to honor the life of someone that has passed. Plus, making it yourself allows you to get creative and put your own personal spin on a conventional funeral arrangement. Visit florists and crafting stores for all that you need to make your own wreath and tribute to someone special! For more information, contact companies like W J Smith & Son Funeral Home.