Thinking Of Planning Your Funeral To Budget? What To Know

1 September 2016
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If you think that you should have your funeral planned and prepared for and you don't want your children or other family members to get stuck with the burdens, there are some important things you want think about before you make any decisions. Meet with more than one funeral service provider and ask them the following questions.

The Current Inflation of Funeral Costs

How much does the funeral home expect that the cost for a funeral will inflate in the future? Take this into consideration when determining how much you want to spend on a funeral, and if you want to pay in advance. You also need to know this if you are planning on using life insurance to pay for the funeral expenses after you pass, to make sure you take out a large-enough policy. Your funeral could cost thousands over time, and you may need to get a burial plot now.

How Do You Want Your Money Spent?

The type of funeral and final arrangements you choose will have a great impact on how much the funeral costs. If you want a traditional funeral with a showing, casket, and burial, this will cost more than if you choose to have your body cremated. How you want the money in your life insurance plan spent and how much of your estate money goes to your kids could be greatly affected by how elaborate your funeral is.

Book Early and Save

The funeral home should offer to give you a discounted rate for the funeral that you pick out if you agree to bring your services to them in advance. Pick out the package of what you want and ask if you can start paying on it, or if they will guarantee the price because you decided to choose them as your funeral provider. You may need to put down a deposit to keep the rate, but this means more of your money can go towards other things.

If you aren't married but you plan to wed someday, make sure that you make all the necessary updates and changes that are needed to include your spouse or to update your plan. There are a lot of different options when it comes to having a funeral today, and you may decide that you want something simple, or that you want to have a private event for friends and family. Figure out now to save later on.

For more information and advice on pre-planning your funeral, contact a funeral home such as Linnemann Funeral Homes.