Cremation Planning: 3 Ways To Set Up Memorials For Your Children

31 August 2016
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Planning your own funeral arrangements may seem strange, but the process has become more normal around the country. Planning our own funeral service can remove the burden from other family members and allows you to have a ceremony that fits your personality and interests. If you are choosing cremation for your body, then your options expand greatly. As a parent, there are multiple ways to plan special gifts for your children so that they can each receive your ashes in a special way. Browse through three different ideas to see how you can plan and present your children with one final special gift after your passing.

Cremation Jewelry

Give your children a special piece of you that they can wear all the time. Cremation jewelry includes a small compartment where some of your remains are placed. There are dozens of necklace designs to choose from. Some of the basic designs include lockets and heart shapes. Some of the more intricate designs include crosses, animal shapes, and hour glasses.You can choose a different design for each child to match their interests and fashion styles.

Musical Urns

For many families, music is a big part of their lives. Parents often have special songs and memories that they share with their children. These memories can be captured forever with a musical urn. Musical urn designs can include special elements including ornamental instruments and musical symbols. Some of the more advanced urns can actually play music through speakers. This allows your children to connect an MP3 player with songs that you shared together. Custom engraving also allows you to place your favorite musical quotes directly on the urn. The quote can have special meaning between you and your child.

Holiday Keepsakes

For many families, the holidays were a special time that you all shared together. You can keep those special times alive and well by purchasing holiday keepsakes to hold some of your cremated remains in. One of the more common holiday keepsakes you can purchase is a Christmas ornament. An elegant ornament design features a small compartment where your ashes can be held. Each year, your children can honor you by hanging the ornament on their Christmas tree. There are plenty of designs to choose from, so you have the ability to give each child a different design. Options include angels, icicles, jingle bells, and natural elements like Christmas flowers. You can also choose the same design for each child, so they all have something to bond over after your passing.

As you plan out your cremation plans, you can either include your children in the decision process or choose to make a surprise after your passing.