How To Incorporate Live Music Into A Funeral Service

29 August 2016
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Music can create a moving way to honor a loved one at a funeral service, and hiring a live performer can make the experience even more touching. There are several options for arranging live music at a funeral service. Here are just a few options to consider, whether you are planning a funeral for a loved one or you are pre-planning your own services. .

Gospel Choir

If your loved one was very religious, you might want to consider hiring a gospel choir to sing between Bible passage readings during the service. You can partner with your loved one's church, or you can ask your funeral director to help you find a choir to perform. You can choose to have just a few people perform, or for a large funeral, you may want to have the whole choir perform. Be sure to choose a list of songs you want performed at the funeral home or church.


The sound of bagpipes are often heard at Scottish and Irish funerals, but bagpipes are also commonly used for police and firefighters who have passed away. Of course, if you love the sound of bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace," you can choose to have a player perform even if your loved one doesn't fit in one of the above-mentioned categories. A bagpipe player typically wears traditional dress, including a kilt and hat. The music can be performed to open or start the funeral service, or you can have the player lead the funeral procession in the cemetery.

Acoustic Performances

While choirs and bagpipes are both traditional options for funerals, there are more modern choices you can use to incorporate live music into the service. A single singer with an acoustic guitar can perform soothing songs and melodies throughout the funeral. The songs can be traditional hymns, or they can be contemporary songs that had a special meaning for your loved one.

Classical Music

You may want to have live performers provide background music throughout the service instead of being the star of the show. You can hire a trio of performers to play the violin, cello and harp, or you can hire an individual to play a single instrument. A selection of mellow classical pieces can bring a calming, comforting feel to the room, which can help to set the tone for the day's events.

Your funeral director (like those at Foran Funeral Home) can help you arrange for musicians to perform at the service, and he or she can also help with the small details, such as setting up speakers or a P.A. system. If music was important to your loved one, or if you simply want to add a memorable soundtrack to the services, consider hiring performers to bring beautiful songs to your loved one's funeral.