Creating A Unique Life Celebration For Your Loved One: Ideas For You

27 November 2015
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When a person near and dear to you passes away, it can be a challenge to plan their funeral services while grieving and processing your feelings about the situation. What can make planning these services more difficult is the fact that you want to be sure to honor and celebrate their life in a way that is befitting. This means you want to be sure the services are unique and individualized. If you are struggling to come up with ideas to create a unique life celebration for your loved one, give these ideas a try to get you started in the planning process.

Create a Memory Tree

One of the most important aspects of a celebration of someone's life is embracing and sharing all of the memories you have with the person who has passed away. When people get together and share their favorite stories and memories, they feel a sense of community and comfort.

To help everyone get to share memories about your loved one who passed away, you can create a memory tree to stand near the entrance at the funeral services. This memory tree can be a store-bought artificial tree or one that you create yourself. The tree serves as a framework to hang small notecards in the shape of leaves or doves with guests' memories written on them.

As each guest passes the tree, they can take a card and write down one of their memories and hang it from the tree. After the funeral services, you may want to read some of the cards aloud at the wake, or simply keep them for the immediate family to read later and to pass down to future generations who want to know more about their family tree.

Attach Photos To Balloons For Memorial Keepsakes

Another idea to personalize your loved one's funeral services is to have several balloons blown up and set up near the exit of the wake after the services. Each balloon can have a different photo of your loved one attached to the string.

As guests at the funeral service leave, they can take a balloon with them and have a photo of their loved one to remember them by. Just be sure that you o not use original copies of the photos as you will likely wish to keep those.

You can make copies of photos on your home printer using photo paper, or you can take them to a kiosk or use an online printing website to get extras of these favorite photos. Doing this will help to ensure that your loved one's memory is well-preserved now and into the future.

Now that you have a few ideas to get you started, you can continue the process of creating a unique life celebration for your loved one.

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