Punk Rock Songs To Play At Your Funeral Service

28 September 2016
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Pre-planning your funeral is a considerate step to take in advance of your death, as it allows your immediate family members to grieve without having to worry about the arrangements. When it comes to selecting the music that will be played, you might be facing a conundrum. If you've been a devoted fan of punk rock for your entire life, solemn hymns at the funeral service really won't seem like you. Conversely, songs from some of your favorite artists might not be appropriate to play in this environment, as they could disturb those who are attending the service in your memory. It's a good idea to take some time to find songs within your favored genre that are suitable to play. Here are some suggestions.

"Don't Worry About Me" — Joey Ramone

The legendary punk rock lead singer of The Ramones released a posthumous album featuring the single "Don't Worry About Me," which can be a suitable song to play at your funeral if you're an avid punk rock fan. While the song certainly has a Ramones-like energy, it's not rowdy enough that it would risk being inappropriate. Additionally, the chorus in which Ramone repeated "Don't worry about me" can send a message to those in attendance that you don't want them to be upset.

"As One" — Dropkick Murphys

The Boston-based Dropkick Murphys are known not only for their catchy barroom sing-alongs, but also their thoughtful ballads. "As One" falls into the latter category and has lyrical content that can be appropriate to play at a funeral service. This song's final line is "We will always be together, as one," which is an appropriate sentiment, given the circumstances. Additionally, the sound of bagpipes can be heard throughout the song, giving it a solemn, funeral-appropriate sound.

"Stay Free" — The Clash

Few punk rock bands had more socially conscious things to say than The Clash, and this band's "Stay Free" can be ideal to have played at your funeral. The song closes with the poignant lyric of "Go easy, step lightly, stay free." People can take this lyric in a variety of different ways, but it can seem as though you're offering some sage life advice, which is something that can make some people in attendance at your funeral smile. There are a handful of expletives in this song, however, so make sure that you specify that a clean version is played.

For more ideas and help with pre-planning your funeral, talk with a funeral director at a local home, such as Michels & Lundquist Funeral Home.